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Vertex Week: animate a kaleidoscopic scene in Houdini, with Carmelo Barberá

Make a kaleidoscopic scene in Houdini

CG artist and director Carmelo Barberá is based in Madrid and his career has covered directing, cinematography, screenwriting, post-production. For over 10 years Barberá has been creating stunning CG art and effects.

In his video workshop for Vertex Week 2022 Barberá shows how to create and animation a mesmerising kaleidoscopic VFX scene in Houdini. Follow along to his video workshop below.

We have more animation workshops today for Vertex Week 2022, including a great pair of workshops from Netflix animator Jackie Droujko: warm up your animation design and speedpainting a character design. The incredible Aaron Blaise joins us too, as he shares his process for designing animal creatures for animation for animated movies.

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