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Create stunning Cyberpunk titles in Cinema 4D and After Effects

In this video for Vertex 2022, Maxon Master Trainer Jonas Pilz will show how to create eye-catching Cyberpunk title animations in Cinema 4D and Redshift. You'll learn about Cinema 4D’s award-winning MoGraph toolset and how you can set up spectacular materials and atmospheric lighting. 

Furthermore, Jonas will show the advantages of rendering in ACES and how you can comp everything together with full control over the lighting of your scene in After Effects.

For further information please visit the Maxon website.

About Jonas Pilz

Maxon Jonas Pilz author shot

(Image credit: Maxon)

Through his love for drawing and music, Jonas Pilz realised early that he needed to work in a creative profession.

He studied Multimedia and Communications at University of Applied Sciences in Ansbach, Germany. There he discovered his passion for 3D graphics and created all of his study projects in Cinema 4D. Having imagination as the only limit is what fascinates him.

After graduating from university, Pilz worked as a freelance 3D generalist and created lots of visualisations and animations for designated industrial clients and television with Cinema 4D.

In 2015, he joined the Maxon family, giving Cinema 4D workshops and presenting Maxon products at trade shows and other public events. He is a Maxon Master Trainer, responsible for training professional 3D artists at all levels, as well as training and certifying Cinema 4D instructors as part of the Maxon Certification Program.

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