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Vertex Week: using 3D scans in digital art with Ken Coleman

Using 3D scans in digital art with Ken Coleman

Ken Coleman is a teacher at artist who loves to look for new approaches and processes in digital art. He has developed as an artist through fine art training and self taught techniques.

For Vertex Week 2022 Coleman embraces 3D scanning mixed with ZBrush, Daz 3D, KeyShot and Corel Painter to create a classic Frank Frazetta illustration from his toy box – old Masters of the Universe action figures stand in for Frazetta's Conan.

Click to enlarge the schedule (Image credit: Future)

If you like Coleman's video tutorial read his written workshop on creating vintage fantasy art. We have more associated content, so why not take a look at the best ZBrush tutorials for more training and tips on how to pose a character in ZBrush

This Vertex Week we have more training (see full schedule above). Why not watch former Magic: The Gathering senior art director Cynthia Sheppard paint strong shadows in portraits. If you need to know what are NFTS, then artist and instructor Chris Petrocchi is on hand to explain this new technology, and show you how to create NFT art.

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