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Vertex Week: using historical references in video game art with Jehanne Rousseau

Using historical references in video game art

Vertex Week 2022 welcomes Jehanne Rousseau, video game producer, co-founder and CEO of developer Spiders. Rousseau has been creating video games since 1999, and co-founded Spiders in 2008. Since then she has been instrumental in taking the studio from a small indie to a double-A developer on titles such as Greedfall and the forthcoming SteelRising.

In 2020 Rousseau received the Pegasus Prize for Personality of the Year from the Academy of Video Game Arts and Techniques. She was also awarded the Chevalier of the National Order of Merit medal.

Discover how Jehanne Rousseau and her team made use of historical references in their concept art for the video game SteelRising, in our exclusive Vertex Week 2022 video.

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