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Vertex Week: sculpt detailed models on your iPad Pro, with Glen Southern

Welcome to day three of Vertex Week 2022 and Glen Southern's tutorial on how to sculpt detailed models on your iPad Pro. As a super-experienced digital sculptor and creature designer, Southern has loads to share about the process of digital sculpting and, even better, how to do it on your iPad. We know that for creatives on the go, being able to take your workstation with you is a massive plus so this is a must-see tutorial for many. 

Southern runs Southern GFX, a design studio in Cheshire, UK, which creates assets for TV and film. Clients include SKY, Wacom and Oculus Medium and the studio has an impressive project list that features 3D models for Game of Thrones' house sigils (wow).

Vertex Week schedule

Vertex 2022 schedule

(Image credit: Future)

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